93 Octane Zero Ethanol
We are putting together a list of gas stations that are recently verified as offering 93 octane gasoline with no
. This is a work in progress and the extent of the list depends completely on the participation of
motorists who are willing to share their knowledge of the names and locales of gas stations near them. We also
post links to articles on other websites that are of interest.

Below are three copies of the same list in various formats.
Send me a message with the name, address and phone number of gas stations you find that offer "The Good Stuff."

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Links of Interest
The Fuel and Engine Bible - Discusses seemingly all the facets of fuel and fuel use in our engines. Of special interest is a table showing
compression ratio and required octane.
Discusses the fairly new E15 initiative bent on destroying the engines we hold so dear. It estimates that 96% of all gas sold in the US contains ethanol!